Distributed I/O

Mix and match to fit your specific needs
The compact and cost-effective S-series is a perfect choice for the majority of applications in many different industrial segments. Get the building blocks for a compact and flexible I/O solution with many clever details. Choose from the most popular communication interfaces on the market, from Profibus to Ethernet. The software for configuration and monitoring is powerful and easy-to-use.

64 IO’s on 90mm

A standard IO module is only 12 mm in width, and when using 16 channel IO modules a complete node is made up of 64 IOs of only 90 mm in width.

EtherCAT ready

Besides EtherCAT, S-series supports most field busses used in the automation industry.

Gold plated

Stable communication between the modules in the node is guaranteed via a unique, gold plated sliding contact system.

Download free software

IO Guide PRO is used to configure S-series remote IO’s.

Combine S-series modules to suite your automation solutions

Network adapter modules

The network adapter module of FnIO S-series consist of various international standard networks, such as DeviceNet, PROFIBUS DP/V1, CANopen, CC-Link, Modbus, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT etc.

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Digital input modules

There are DC 5V, DC 12V, DC 24V, DC 48V, AC 110V and AC 220V input modules. Each module has different points from 4 points to 16 points.

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Digital output modules

Digital output modules are available in sink type, source type, relay and triac type from 2 points to 16 points. There are 4 points and 8 points of DC 24V/0.5 Type and 16 points of DC 24V/0.3A type. DC024V/2A for the large current can be used without relay.

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Analog input modules

12 Bit and 14 Bit in the analog input module are available according to 4 channel or 8 channel. 2 channel and RTD are available as well.

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Analog output modules

There are voltage type and current type in the analog output module according to 2 channel and 4 channel.

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