zenon for Automotive

Reliable, fast and powerful – Automation that keeps you one step ahead

Characterized by high availability, usability, maximum data security and dependable productivity

zenon is the perfect fit for your automation needs, effortlessly integrating existing facilities and third-party systems.

Stable and safe

Due to the fact that efficiency can only be determined by a robust equipment environment, zenon offers effortless servicing, control and process updating through its use of remote maintenance and Hot Reload functions. It does so without having to restart the Runtime or stop any of the equipment.

User friendly and flexible

Individualized workstations are a key factor in a working space that is ergonimic and efficient. With zenon, users can adjust projects to their individual needs, in advance or even during operations without compromising any processes. New employees can be quickly trained while effective equipment operations are ensured by error-free control.

Open and fully integratable

The existing equipment environment does not need to be changed, as there is no problem in combining it with zenon. Whether it is an enhancement, a conversion or an upgrade, working with zenon will save you time and money when it comes to equipment integration.