zenon Analyzer

Installing and configuring zenon Analyzer is incredibly easy. Immediate information from equipment or the status of productivity in a facility is effortlessly made available for the user due to zenon’s ability to process and analyze data both from the automated production equipment and other sources such as manual data input.

The main benefits of using zenon are represented by increased production effectiveness, energy optimization, limiting waste and resource consumption, enchanced quality control, elaborate and precise production reporting, and the possibility to support processes of “continuous improvement”.

Other advantages of zenon Analyzer consist in: quick amortization, optimum ROI (Return on Investment) and low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

All this is possible with zenon because its installation system is non-intrusive, therefore changing the existing infrastructure is not necessary; automated set-ups and reports are immediately available, automatic meta-data integration and openness offer very efficient maintenance, individual needs are met due to zenon’s impressive adaptability and there are no “hidden costs” thanks to a transparent licensing model.

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