zenon Logic

Integrated PLC System

In zenon Logic, as an integrated PLC system, real PLC code can be used for simulations or any part of equipment can be accessed. zenon Logic offers the possibility to use various programming languages such as IL, ST, LD, FBD/CFC and AS.

Perfect project simulation

The perfect project simulation feature enables users to safely and easily test a project or make changes to an existing one while saving them a lot of time and energy. In test mode, zenon Logic simulates the PLC and generates realistic values. This offers the possibility to see and correct potential mistakes in the project before actually going live.

Completely integrated

zenon Logic has been designed to be used on different hardware platforms, ranging from the PC to the automation hardware. Also, it uses the same database as zenon Operator and zenon Supervisor. Therefore, objects and variables only need to be created and updated once.
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