zenon Operator

Improved performance

zenon Operator enables you to get the best results from your equipment. Make use of clear and easy operations while marking a great reduction in your resource consumption, while effectively increasing productivity. zenon Operator offers Multitouch support, the possibility to switch between languages, units and color layout during live operation; you can easily and securely maintain your equipment remotely and also rely on zenon reload technology in order to make changes to a project without stopping the facility during live operation.

The Future is Ergonomics

Improved automation is defined above all by ergonomic automation. An optimization in start-up times and an 80% drop in engineering effort have been reported by zenon users.

zenon Chameleon Technology: Better skins, better usability in Runtime

COPA-DATA experts have created new possibilities in automation with central color palettes which can be changed according to the user’s preferences
The skins used for the panels of automation equipment are similar to the ones used in consumer entertainment devices. Through their use, projects from different suppliers can be grouped into an umbrella project that has common general appearance. Several modifications can be made through this feature: red-green visually impaired operators can switch to colors they can recognize, color contrast can be adjusted according to lighting conditions and, also, a simulation can be set to run in different colors than the live application. These changes increase security and productivity, also allowing users to integrate specific corporate designs with only a few clicks.

Realistic training and a faster rate of putting equipment into operation

The project engineering can be thoroughly checked for errors, and projects and epuipment states can be realistically simulated through programmable drivers and project simulations that are available in the integrated simulation mode before going live, thus saving time, energy and money.
Through the simulation mode, real process images can be created at any time and used in order to analyze equipment states, offer valuable and clear insight and provide realistic and interesting environments and tasks for trainees.

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