zenon Supervisor

The Future is Ergonomics

The possiblity of bringing ergonomics to all of your projects is now here. zenon Supervisor lets you automate in a quick and reliable manner, making your work effortless, while fascinating your clients and motivating your employees. Engineering times are cut down by 80% with the principle of “parameterizing instead of programming”. “Out of the box” features such as easy hardware integration, comprehensive network functionalities and effortless access via web browser are available in zenon Supervisor.

The zenon programming interface

zenon has been designed to adapt to the most varied requirements. Not only is it easy to configure (even without programming knowledge), but it also supports individual expansions through the possibility of building on zenon’s multiple functions by using the programming interface.


External .NET applications can access the zenon Runtime system and also be implemented into the user interface thanks to complete integration. Users can decide what programming languages, VSTA or VBA, to use when expanding or redesigning automation solutions, as both are present in zenon.

The zenon effect: Automate it your way

The system integrators’ and end users’ needs and desires are easily met with zenon. All project requirements, ranging from designing and developing various facility sectors to complete management of an entire facility by the use of a single laptop, are handled through the use of the same zenon Runtime.

Due to various user interests (operator, manager, technician) regarding data and information, zenon has personalized reports and overviews accordingly. This differentiation is ideal because it improves productivity, helps in decision-making and offers experts and staff the possibility of working with the same system without harming any production process. Features such as filtered views, automatic adaptation for different resolutions, Chameleon Technology or reusability of projects are only a few of the benefits of zenon.

Easily switch from FactoryLink to zenon SCADA: Convert projects automatically

FactoryLink users are required to switch to a SCADA system that can replace and also expand beyond FactoryLink standards. Due to the fact that Siemens has discontinued this system, zenon comes as a more than beneficial replacement. The switch is safe and easy thanks to a special Wizard and the system compatible with every current version of Windows. zenon is an adaptive and intelligent system which is top of the line in today’s market.

zenon advantages:

  • Independence – no preference for hardware or Windows version; ability to connect to any PLC and various programs
  • Openness – zenon is fully adaptable to existing systems and open to other applications such as SAP (users have access to processes from the ERP level through a bidirectional interface)
  • Versatility – All projects can be created and modified in the same zenon Editor whether the operating system is Windows 7 or CE, Web/Server 2008 R2, small display terminals or multi-monitor PC systems. This is also available for the integrated IEC 61131-3 environment straton.

The Wizard – easy switch to zenon

A complete re-engineering could be made from scratch by FactoryLink users, but that is unnecessary since the Wizard provided by COPA-DATA can easily and safely manage several aspects such as:

  • the import of variable names, descriptions and types;
  • the import and creation of FactoryLink templates, static elements in pictures;
  • the import of Multilang texts to the zenon language tables
  • creating a symbol picture containing all symbols; FactoryLink symbols are imported as picture symbols
  • converting CB (ColorBit) and OBG (Symbols Bit Group) animations from FactoryLink projects to combined elements in zenon, DR (Display Register) animations to text elements and SR (Send Register) animations to text buttons

The Wizard is highly flexible and adaptive, and can be extended according to user needs due to the fact that it is based on VBA and its source can be revealed to FactoryLink users. The Wizard can be easily adjusted to specific requirements and can also offer similar benefits for users of other HMI/SCADA systems.

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