Beijer Electronics is proud to present iX HMI software version 2.30 offering a range of new functions as well as quality improvements.

The focus for iX 2.30 has been to introduce a number of new functions to meet the wishes and requirements of many iX users. At the same time our iX software team has resolved more than 50 customer reported bugs improving product quality.

This is what’s new in iX 2.30:

  • Multiple versions installation, side by side enables you to edit an existing old application without having to upgrade to the latest software version.
  • PDF reports lets you generate reports directly from iX in PDF format in addition to as well as Excel format.
  • QR code object populated with optional content for easy scanning with smartphone or any other QR code reading device data directly from the screen.
  • Disable alarms in alarm viewer allows you to disable manage alarms in runtime e.g. if a faulty sensor keeps trigging an alarm, it may be useful to disable the sensor alarm until the issue is resolved.
  • New license system for PC RT products managed by micro format USB dongle or by a soft license key. The new license system increases security and enables simpler addition increase of tag limits.
  • Improved conversion from E-designer to iX tool to ease upgrading E-designer applications to iX
  • Increased cyber security through initial best practice set-up of security parameters and a best practice guide integrated in the manual.
  • Marine thruster needle object available for marine applications on panel targets.
  • Quality improvements by resolving more than 50 customer reported issues e.g. performance improvements when using OPC UA.

Learn more about iX HMI software here.