In combination with the Motion Control solutions offered by the TwinCAT automation software, Beckhoff Drive Technology represents an advanced and complete drive system. PC-based control technology from Beckhoff is ideally suited for single and multiple axis positioning tasks with highly dynamic requirements. The AX5000 Servo Drive series with high-performance EtherCAT system communication offers maximum performance and dynamics.

TwinCAT offers comprehensive NC and CNC functionalities. Associated PLC libraries and engineering tools round off the software solution.

The complete Drive Technology solution from Beckhoff consists of:

• Compact Servo Drives AX8000, AX5000, AX2500,
• Synchronous Servomotors AM8000, AM8100, AM8500, AM8800, AM2000, AM3000, AM3100, AM3500,
• Linear Servomotors AL2000, AL2400, AL2800, AL3800,
• Stepper Motors AS1000,
• planetary gear units for servomotors and stepper motors,
• and a comprehensive range of accessories

The open control technology of Beckhoff is consistently continued into the drive unit. Fieldbus standards such as EtherCAT, Ethernet, PROFIBUS, CANopen, DeviceNet, SERCOS interface or Lightbus enable the drives to be integrated into complex systems.

The drive systems for high dynamic positioning tasks

AX5000 – the EtherCAT drives

The AX5000 Servo Drives from Beckhoff set standards in Drive Technology. The AX5000 series is available in single or multi-channel form and is optimised in terms of function and cost-effectiveness. The integrated, fast control technology with a current control cycle of up to 62.5 µs supports fast and highly dynamic positioning tasks. EtherCAT as high-performance system communication enables ideal interfacing with PC-based control technology and supports coupling with other communication systems.

The AX51xx 1-channel Servo Drives are designed for rated currents up to 170 A. The AX52xx 2-channel Servo Drive enables operation of two motors with identical or even with different capacity, up to a total current of 12 A. The multi-axis drives with variable motor output allocation optimise packaging density and the cost per drive channel.
The AX5000 is very flexible with regard to motor types: A wide range of motor sizes and types can be connected without additional measures. Examples include synchronous, linear, torque or asynchronous motors. The multi-feedback interface supports all common standards. Several AX5000 devices can be connected easily and quickly to form a multi-axis system using the “AX-Bridge” quick connection system.

Servo Drives AX2500

The AX2500 series Servo Drives are modularly expandable and are optimised for applications where space is tight. The maximum nominal current is 6 A.

AM8000 – Dynamic power packages made in Germany

The servomotor range AM8000 stands for durable and powerful synchronous servomotors. Five sizes, each with three overall lengths provide seamless coverage for all areas of application. The high-performance servomotor series is characterised by a very high power density. Small end turns and the fully potted stator give a perfect thermal contact between the stator and the motor housing.

The motors are highly dynamic as a result of low rotor inertias coupled with an overload capability of up to 5 times. The motors are optionally equipped with the proven resolver (2-cable technology) or the innovative OCT feedback system. With the OCT single-cable technology, the encoder cable is spared. The feedback signals are transmitted digitally over the existing standard motor cable. It is possible to reduce the wiring costs by up to 50 %.

All five sizes are of modular construction, thus mechanical adjustments to suit customer requirements can therefore quickly be made. With a guaranteed service life of 30,000 h for the wearing parts such as ball bearings, special focus was made on the durability and robustness of the motors. Matching accessories such as gears and ready-made motor and encoder cables are available.

AM8100 – Servomotors for OCT servo terminal

The AM81xx series is equipped with the One Cable Technology (OCT) and suitable for operation on the EL7201-0010 servo terminal. Homing is no longer necessary thanks to the integrated absolute encoder. The encoder data are transferred fully digitally to the servo terminal via the motor cable, allowing the encoder cable to be dispensed with.

Options such as a backlash-free permanent magnet holding brake, a rotary shaft seal or a feather key groove are available on request. The motors are equipped with a sturdy rotary resolver encoder and have been developed with a generously dimensioned bearing for general mechanical engineering.

AM8500 –Servomotors with increased rotor moment of inertia

The AM8500 series extends the servomotor range by a complete series with increased rotor moment of inertia. The AM8500 series covers a wide performance range with four sizes and three lengths with standstill torques from 1.38 to 29 Nm. Due to the high rotor inertia the control of the AM8500 is simplified in areas where a high external inertia has to be moved, because the servomotors tend less to vibrate and can be adjusted much more easily on the servo controller.

AM8800 – stainless-steel motors with hygienic design

The stainless steel motor range AM8800 is based on the AM8000 range specifically to be suitable for use in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The design of the motors complies with the EHEDG requirements and the material used with the FDA guidelines. The motors are made from AISI-316L stainless steel, making them resistant to aggressive cleaning materials.

All AM8800 motors comply with protection class IP 69K and are provided with a hygienic-design cable gland. There are four ranges available, each with three available lengths. The AM8800 range has OCT single-cable technology as standard; a resolver with two-cable technology can be provided if required. As an option, a sealing-air connection or suitable stainless steel gears of hygienic design can be provided.

Servomotors AM2000, AM3000, AM3500

The Synchronous Servomotors are brushless, three-phase motors meeting DIN 42950, and are equipped with permanent magnets in the rotor. This high quality neodymium magnetic material makes a significant contribution to the motors’ exceptional dynamic properties. The AM2000 motors feature angled connectors (up to 90°) for the power supply and the feedback signals. The AM3000/AM3500 features continuously rotatable connectors. Beckhoff offers resolver, encoder and power leads as ready-assembled accessories in different lengths. In contrast to current trends, the AM3500 servomotors have a higher moment of inertia, making them particularly suitable for machine tool axes with stringent synchronism requirements. They are also ideal for applications with higher inertia, such as rotary tables, for example – without the need for an additional gear unit.

Linear Servomotors AL2xxx, AL3800

The three-phase Linear Servomotors from the AL2000, AL2400 and AL2800 series as well as the ironless AL3800 Linear Servomotors complement the motor range. The linear motors can be used wherever the rotary design reaches mechanical limits during installation or where special drive characteristics in terms of dynamics, synchronism or acceleration are required.

Stepper Motors AS1000

The Stepper Motors of the AS1xxx series are a cost-effective alternative to Synchronous Servomotors for the small and medium capacity range. Different Stepper Motor types with torques ranging between 0.38 Nm and 5 Nm can be used as actuators or auxiliary axes for machine construction and automation applications.

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